I’m excited beyond words to announce that my adult paranormal romance, Marked for Harvest, has found a home with The Wild Rose Press!

This has been a long journey, so here are some of the highlights:

  • August, 2018: Decide to start writing fanfiction.
  • October, 2018: Get irrationally angry at a review and decide to “show them” by writing my own original story.
  • November, 2018: Finish writing first draft of Marked for NaNoWriMo.
  • January, 2019: Submit Marked to several edits and agents, receive many rejections.
  • March-July, 2019: Write a sequel to Marked called Deadly Harvest.
  • August 2019-September 2021: Write three other books. (Companion to the Count, The Problem of Thor High, Soulbound)
  • August, 2021: Receive an R&R for Marked!
  • October, 2021: Work with an amazing editor to rewrite Marked, but the R&R eventually turns into a very kind rejection.
  • January, 2022: Submit Marked to The Wild Rose Press.
  • May, 2022: Accepted by The Wild Rose Press!

I look forward to sharing more soon!