Here’s a funny story to lighten things up. For the past three months I’ve been meeting various neighborhood cats during my lunch-time walk. I don’t know their names, but I made up nicknames for them.

  • Greyson - An enormous, grey fluffer that I am certain is a Main Coon. His owners let him out on a leash a few hours a day, and he is one of the rare kinds that likes belly rubs (I carry around hand sanitizer for after I pet him)
  • Coco - Greyson’s smaller, softer sister. She is a new addition to the outdoor crew, and likes to hide under the bushes while I say hello to her brother. She has such a sweet meow. Sometimes I see her outside without Greyson, meowing pitifully to be brought back inside.
  • Catbert - A very friendly and vocal tabby that lives in the Shanghai Lily house, he hides under cars and darts out to try trip me when I walk by
  • Catbert Senior - Another tabby that lives in Shanghai Lily, he looks just like Catbert but he’s older and doesn’t come outside to say hello often. Instead he sits in the window and judges me for walking on his lawn.

I am always on the lookout for more neighborhood cat friends. The downtown core is full of cats!